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Audit Login/Audit Logout

In my MSSQL Server trace Audit Login/Audit Logout taking lot of CPT time
How to trun off this Audit Login/Audit Logout from SQL server ??
Sri Audit Login– network protocol: Named Pipes set quoted_identifier on set implicit_transactions off set cursor_close_on_commit off set ansi_warnings on Audit Login– network protocol: TCP/IP set quoted_identifier on

Remove all the security events in SQL Events. Gaurav
What is the Audit level set under Server properties —> Security? _________
Satya SKJ

Hi Satya ,
i dont know the current Audit level, To turn off the Audit Login/Audit Logout What Audit level i should select ??
To turn off just follow Gaurav’s tip.
I am just asking what is the Audit level for the server. _________
Satya SKJ

ks9072 – Is the question you’re asking "The CPU column in Profiler shows a high value for CPU against the Audit Logout event, how can I prevent this ?". If so, then this is nothing to worry about. In Profiler, the Audit Logout event aggregates the CPU, Reads and Writes for the session. It is NOT an indication of the CPU used when logging out (or due to any audit type event) but merely the SUM of all the CPU (and other counters) the connection used whilst it was connected to SQL Server. It gives you an overall indication of the resource a connection used whilst logged in.
HTH Jasper Smith
How to remove all the security events in SQL Events?? Sri
quote:Originally posted by gaurav_bindlish Remove all the security events in SQL Events. Gaurav

Click on the Security events in selected Trace events window and click remove…. Gaurav