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Auditing object activities

I use SQL2000. My problem is that I want to switch on an audit trail for some tables but not for all ones. As I read in the help maybe the C2 auditing can help to solve my issue. Does somebody knows the C2 auditing option? And could you describe how to customize the objects I want to set up audit? Or send a link to a C2 admin guide? Or is there another possibility to solve my problem? Thanks,
Ggtb Ggtb. for informaton on C2 auditing, I don’t think there is such option to select set of objects for auditing. You may require third party tool or in house developed monitoring application. Satya SKJ
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Yes , you can use SQL Profiles or C2 Auditing
As Satya said better to use thrid party tool. there is a new tool DBAudit
Thank you guys, I will try the DBAudit.
Pl. share your experience with us on DBAudit
quote:Originally posted by ggtb Thank you guys, I will try the DBAudit.