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Auto Update Statics

Hello, i’m a developer (with little experience in SQL Server administration) and i’ve been having a problem with performance of my production server. The performance is unstable. Yesterday was good, today not and tomorrow maybe will be good again.
I don’t have any idea about what is. I made changes in my application to improve performance, but I still having the problem.
Reading articles in the net I saw something about the server statistics.
I’d like to know the impact of the Auto Update Statistic on the server performance.
If i turn this option off, what is the impact i will have on my server ? Vladner
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Firstly I would say coming at any conclusion without looking at facts and figures is not a good idea. Before going any further, I would recommend looking at the article- To answer to your question, setting the auto update statistics on does have an impact on the server. As when this process kicks off, it does take some of the resources. One option will be to have the setting turned OFF and schedule a maintainence job to update the same manually when you think the traffic is going to be less. Gaurav
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Agree Gaurav. Else you can schedule a Job with Update Statistic for those tables more critics. Luis Martin