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Automate Build Process for DB

Hi, Please provide me your inputs on Build Process. I have to design an automate build process for moving changes from Development DB to Testing DB and from Testing DB to Production DB. Please let me know if you have designed any automated build process or your thought or lesson learned. Thanks and Regards
Ravi K
I do the same but I am not cofortable automating this process.
Here is what I do..
1. Developer develops the code on DEV server and code will in VSS..
2. I deploy the same to code test from VSS…
3. After successful testing… it goes to production… but manual process not automated…
Automated build for software is available within Visual studio, but for the databases you might depend upon third party tools from Redgate or Quest and within SQL server you can handle with versioning using Visual studio again. If not you can refer to the software spotlight in this website, which confirms the compatibility of third party tools. Satya SKJ
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