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Avoiding OS 1450 errors on SQL2KEE/Win2K3EE

Just a point of information for anyone running SQLServer 2000 Enterprise Edition on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, using extended memory (AWE enabled, /PAE). We had lots of trouble with O/S 1450 errors and so forth, when the server was configured with the /3GB switch in boot.ini. We found articles online (go Google!) that the reason might be related to the PTE tables, and the ability of the OS to manage the memory mapping as the PTE tables become filled. In fact, with /3GB in, the PTE tables were only about 20000 entries. With the /3GB out, the paging tables got to about 180000 entries, nearly 10x increase. This is the key to avoiding OS 1450 errors on Win2K3EE/SQL2KEE installations that use extended memory. For further historical information, please see my thread "Q834628 doesn’t seem to work" in this forum.
Confirm whether any hardware issues exists on this server?
Check event viewer and collect few PERFMON counters for further asessment. Satya SKJ
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