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[b][/b]Anyone used Entegra by Lumigent?

I would like dodetails on what you thought about the application and how it worked. The goods and the bads. Please contact me. Thank you.
I have taken a first look at it, but have yet to put it into production. But my first impression is very good. It is very comprehensive in what it offers. To install it, you must first load the Java SDK, then the Tomcat Apache web server, and then the Entegra software. This is because most of the product is written in Java, plus it supports a web interface. Once the software is installed, you have to select a server to store the data is collects, and then set up what you want to audit on each server. So the initial setup takes a little time, but the investment in time is worthwhile. If you need comprehensive auditing, you should take a close look at it.
Brad M. McGehee