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Back up the transaction log

I have a third party tool for transaction log backup for my dbs which backup the transaction log hourly.Though I got this error today"
The log file for database ‘accounts’ is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space.."
Initially I thaught it may be due to some problem with the third party tool, so I set up a maintainence plan to take the transaction log backup.But still I am getting this error.
this problem is comming for this db only all other dbs on the server are fine.What is wrong here?what should be the ideal solution to fix this issue.pls suggest
It looks like the drive that contains the transaction log file for this database, is full. Check the free space available on this drive. If it is less, make some free space available so that the file can grow or create another log file on a different drive where you have more free space available.
Also check for long running transactions. Try to avoid them by spliting in a number of smaller ones. They may prevent big part of log to be truncated (marked as reusable) at the moment of tran log backup.