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Backup error message

While I am taking the backup from Enterprise Manager the following error message is coming during the last stage:
"Write on D:ackup(backup is the file name) failed, status=112, see the SQL server error log for more details. Backup database is terminating abnormally" Where do i find sql server error log?
Read the SQL server error log from Enterprise Manager —> click on the server —> Management —> SQL server error logs —> Current ddmmyyyy and also from program filesmssqllog if its SQL 2000 or from mssql7log if its ver.7. Do you have enough space on the server to backup the databases? For information refer to this KBA;en-us;Q290787
Satya SKJ

Also, check the topic on ‘Backup’ under Books on line to make sure that you are doing it right.
If you open a command prompt and type:
net helpmsg 112 You get the response:
There is not enough space on the disk. /Argyle
Thanks a lot for your reply.