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Backup job fails – hw to edit it

Hi I have a job that take Tlog back up every one hour.I have created one more DB with simple recovery model ,So now the job fails. I checked hte maintanance log and found its running fine for other databases, but fails for this one (as its SIMPLE) .and jobs status is failed. anyway i can edit the job to exclude this DB . Following is the query. EXECUTE master.dbo.xp_sqlmaint N’-PlanID 86D36A83-342D-430C-8F9E-28F4A754AE7B -Rpt "f:MSSQLLOGkbo944a_userdb_maintenence_plan6.txt" -DelTxtRpt 1WEEKS -WriteHistory -VrfyBackup -BkUpMedia DISK -BkUpLog "f:MSSQLBACKUP" -DelBkUps 1DAYS -CrBkSubDir -BkExt "TRN"’ pls advice.
You can’t backup transactions logs when recovery model is simple, only Bulk or Full.
Luis Martin
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Thts true. My question is , can i edit it anyway ? or the only option is to recreate the job? Thanks Luis rajiv
I suggest you to avoid using maintenance plans and perform such BACKUP operations using TSQL Statements for easy controls. Satya SKJ
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Yes you should be able to edit the maintenance plan and remove the particular database from selected list. But you will have to create another maintenance plan for performing the full backup of the database that is to simple. Here are the steps to edit the maintenance plan 1. Go to database maintenance plan within management in Enterprise Manager
2. Right click on the corresponding maintenance plan and goto properties
3. Within this Database maintenance plan window you should be able to edit all that you need Hope this helps !!!
Raj,<br /><br />FYI, i need not have to create seperate maintanance plan for FULL back as the one i have itself will do it for the newly added database also, without any modificaction.<br /><br />But transactinal backp job, fails becos newly added DB is SIMPLE recov model.Actually this job is tryin to take LOg backup of all database in the server. I didnt get what u said about editin maintanance plan.Can you pls brief it. Pls se my first note,there ihave mentioned what i hav as query in my job.Can u tell me wht change need to be made there<br /><br />***<br />Job is takin Trans backups for all database havin ful recoverymodel, but i hate seeing redcross icon(when jobs fails) showing job status <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />)<br />***
I have recreated the job than editing the current one (As I donno how to edit graphicaly <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /> ) <br /><br />I have excluded that new DBs tht has simple recovery model, and given same name as my previous job.Now it works fine without any failure .<br /><br />rajiv