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Backup Plan

Heya,<br />I am looking after an OLTP database and need to develop a good backup plan. The database is currently just over 2gb in size, and we expect it to grow reasonably quickly (it has grown 1gb in the last 3 months, and the rate of growth will increase in the coming months as we launch new products).<br /><br />I have done some searching, and found info on things to do/things not to do, but havent found any detailed examples of real backup strategies that people use. <br /><br />At present, a full database backup of the database is performed at 1am every day. the .bak file is then RARed and is stored on the same drive as the data/log files. These are copied onto a DVD and stored offsite once a week. (i think this is a VERY poor strategy- if we lose the drive the day before the offsite copy is made, we lose a week of data.) At present the database has little-no activity between 1-5am, so I have a decent window for performing maintenance.<br /><br />This is my first DBA role, so i really have no experience with this kind of thing. Basically, what i am after is some suggestions for a good backup plan (what kind of backup, when it is done, how long it is kept for), and if people are willing to share, an example of what other they do in practice.<br /><br />Any tips or suggestions of places to look for more info would be more than welcome <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br />Thanks,<br />Ben
When it comes to best backup plan, its always always better to test the BACKUPS performed which is the real DBA duty. Refer to for backup strategy and for disaster recovery information. Satya SKJ
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