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backup software recs

Our current backup plan is running scheduled tasks (under the control panel) that point to cmd files to backup our 8 servers to a stand-alone tape drive (dell powervault 122T). This generally works, although a few recent backups haven#%92t completed (with no error messages to help figure out why). The board is interested in buying a software backup program. Would using different software affect the speed or efficiency of our backups? Is there any reason to purchase backup software? Does anyone have any recommendations/horror stories? I need to present a list of pros and cons for this potential purchase. (forgive my ignorance about backups, this is new for me!)

I believe you’re using database maintenance plans to backup the database, if so when they fail then you will get no good response about failure. In general it is ideal to copy the backup file to tape rather than directly from SQL Server to the tape.
For more features and information about third party tools you can refer to TOOLS section in this website. Satya SKJ
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