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Backup Summary

Is there a way get a summary of all the latest backups made? I have several maintenance jobs created that backup system and user databases. I would like to be able to get a summary of the last backup date/time and more (size if possible) without having to look at each one individually. Maybe the answer is to create the summary as the job runs and email it to myself. Thought I would see if there was an SP for it or if anyone had other ideas. Thank you.
BACKUPSET table contains a row for each backup set. This table is stored in the msdb database.
In general SP_HELP_JOB returns information about job & SP_HELP_JOBHISTORY about job history.
Satya SKJ

If you are using a Database Maintenance Plan then you can use the command line options for the sqlmaint (in BOL) to alter the job step. This can produce a nice HTML report… Cheers