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Backup to SAN

I have just added a networkdrive from my sql-server called q: where I want to put my backupfiles of my databases. When I try to add the backup-device or do a manuel backup I cant see the drive q: on my list – only the local drives. Can’t I use network drives to backup my data? Thanks
The mapped drives are only available to the logged on user. As SQL runs under it’s own context it cannot see the drives. You can still backup to network locations by using UNC paths though. Such as: \MYSERVERMYSHAREDFOLDER Simon

Use UNC path and Also include this trace flag to run in code before backup starts.. DBCC TRACEON(1807)
and turn it off after backup get finished.. DBCC TRACEOFF(1807)
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Thank you,<br /><br />I have it now well working with the UNC’s <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />