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backups from one server to another server

is it possible to take the system databases backup to a location of another server. (i.e ) shall we able to take a backup of the databases from server 1 and putting in server2 I know we can move the databases backup file , but above condition is not possible , but before working on this stuff i wamt to make sure.
You may use UNC path to take network backup, before doing that make sure sql services account has permission to access UNC path: BACKUP DATABASE Master TO DISK = ‘\ServerNameServerShareMaster.bak’ WITH INIT
Network backups
This mode of backup is not recommended. When performing network backups, several factors are added to the performance equation. These include the speed of the network cards/cables, network architecture and reliability, etc. If it is imperative that network backups be performed, a private network for backup/restore purposes is preferable. This network should not contain any routers between the source and destination machines. It should also be realized that if at any point network connectivity is lost between source and destination machines, the backup may not complete and it might fail with an operating system error. Deepak Kumar
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Incase of backup performance/newtwork issues some people backup the databases locally then they will copy to the desired location.