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BCP Export rowcount

Any idea why, when my BCP export completed that it stated it exported 2,698,467 rows, but when I do a row count in the table, the row count is 2,665,081? The table is being used exclusively by myself, as currently I am the only user that has permissions to it. The error log from the BCP export reveals no errors. This is the syntax of my BCP export:
bcp "cms user messaging archive"."dbo"."ifsmessagesarchive" out "e:ackupsarchive.bcp"
-n -e"e:ackupserror.txt" -q -U[username] -P[password] -S[servername]
Not that it should matter but use the -c instead of -n in the BCP statement. Also do a select * into a NEW_tablename from old table name in a new window and check the rows affected then do a count of the the new table, also BCP out of this new table.