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BCP used in WIN95

I try to used BCP in a client machine that using Win95 to export a table from a server running winNT 4.0 and i receive an error : Bad command or filename below is the command i type in: Bcp dhotel_susas.mgr.hm_spec out hm_spec.txt -Ssusas_nt -c -U sa -P mgr Is it possible that a Windows 95 installation will exclude the BCP utility function, how to check whether the client machine support the BCP function ? Thank you

You have to copy the bcp executable to the machine and either run the command from the direcory you copied it to or PATH it. MeanOldDBA
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Though BCP is command line utility it comes with SQL server tools, so as suggested you can do that by copying the file to specified workstation. If not install SQL client tools on that Win95 box. Satya SKJ
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