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Beefy Hardware for SQL

I could use the forum’s expertise on a beefy SQL 2003 hardware spec. =) Here’s the story – My client requires 750 GB of usable space (which will all be used). A client application will be log shipping records to the SQL database from several thousand distributed clients. In aggregate, I expect roughly 150 tps on the database. The client also needs to run reports on the records collected. Unfortunately, I do not have any I-O information at this time. This is what I was thinking – HP DL585
Opteron 850 4x
8 GB Memory (2 x 4GB) DDR 400MHz PC3200 Registered ECC
14x 145 GB Ultra320 SCSI 15000rpm
4x 72 GB Ultra320 SCSI 10000rpm
Storage Controller RAID-10 the Data Disks
RAID-1 the Log Disks
RAID-1 the OS/Application Disks Any thoughts on performance? Thank you!
FOr the log shipping this hardware is more than enough and ensure to narrow down the issues on the network which might contribute issues when transferring the Tlog files. Also the measurements on the network will give more insight to suggest the tips. Satya SKJ
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if i had to host a 750GB database, i would want atleast 1.5TB of useable space, potentially this could be 1TB of RAID-10 (14×145) space for the production data, and another 1TB RAID-5 space (8×145).
Because this is a log shipping receipient, the common advice of 2 drives in RAID 1 for logs does not apply, you will need to write and read from the log drives simultaneously, and potentially need more space. Consider 28x145GB drives (across 2 SCSI chassis, 2 6402 controllers) in all for data and log plus 2×73 for the OS.
Create a 1TB RAID 10 array from 22 drives, then a RAID 5 array on the remaining space as spare space. use the other 6 drives for log. then keep another 2 drives in the drawer as spares