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Benifits of index in SQL

i know the process how index can improve the search process in a table. Is there any other benifits of index.if Yes then please explain is Thanks in advance
They are essential. In a database with a considerable amount of data, without indexes, nearly every process will be slower than if you have appropriate indexes to support the processes.
The main benefit of an index is to provide a faster access path to the data. —
Frank Kalis
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IN simple terms it is nothing looking at the telephone directory that is stored alphabetically, without that imagine how can you search for a particular addres. Satya SKJ
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It is used to Improve the performance of the queries while searching the data in a table. We are allowed to create an index on columns where we frequently used in Primary/Foreign key, which columns we are frequently used in where clause and on which columns we perform the sortings and in freequently in joins… It will create a separate two columns …..
1. for the column ID
2. for the Memory Address of the Particular Id
Insted of reading the table it is easy to read the two columns
Which improve the performancee. Ramesh Bandi
Indexes in SQL Server
Indexes are used by relational databases like SQL Server to find data quickly when a query is processed. One doesn#%92t need to modify the application#%92s code while manipulating indexes. Indexes operate “behind the scenes” in support of the database engine. However, creating the proper index can drastically increase the performance of an application. The SQL Server engine uses an index in much the same way a reader uses a book index. For example, one way to find all references to INSERT statements in a SQL book would be to begin on page one and scan each page of the book. We could mark each time we find the word INSERT until we reach the end of the book. This approach is pretty time consuming and laborious. Alternately, we can also use the index in the back of the book to find a page number for each occurrence of the INSERT statements. This approach produces the same results as above, but with tremendous savings in time.
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