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Best Backup Server setup

I have a sql2k Ent server and a spare server setup just like it as backup.
How do you suggest to I setup the backup server so that dbs are copied daily? I’d like to minimize network traffic if at all possible (50GB of databases so far).

Log Shipping may be one way. Do not schedule to backup all the databases at the same time. You may want to stagger the backups over a period of time to minimize your traffic.
Nathan H.O.
Incremental Backup may be other way. Luis Martin
Also it can be an idea to add an additional network card used just for backup. One in your live server and one in your backup sever. /Argyle
If you’re worried about server failure rather than disk failure, then clustering might be another option…
Easy and reliable log shipping available in SQL server, refer to this link for more details. _________
Satya SKJ