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best FileGroup Setup

Hi guys, We have dedicated Raid 10 Database server. I am looking into splitting our DB into multiple FIlegroups to increase its performance. But i have come across many online recourses which suggest to just create one filegroup and leave distribution to various hard drives to Raid 10. Is this Correct is no then what is best way to do it. We have 4 drives partion but i was told that it does bot matter where we store data Raid 10 Automatically Assign that to various Hard Discs. any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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Generally speaking, you don’t gain performance by splitting across multiple filegroups on the same RAID group. You would see the performance increase if you used multiple RAID groups. So, I wouldn’t go through the trouble of splitting out RAID groups if I couldn’t divide between disks, unless you just need it for management, backups, etc. I’m also moving this topic to Hardware. Hope you don’t mind. It really doesn’t belong in the T-SQL area. MeanOldDBA
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Also, you might benefit from having multiple filegroups. but I think as long as your db is < 1 TB you should gain overall more when you leave things as they are and rather use as many disks as you can. —

… by keeping indexes and table data on seperate filegroups. Satya SKJ
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I just worked on a customer databse where we had a single SQL Database that was right at 6 Tb (not Gb…) this was on a Hitachi TagmaStore 1100 (My skillset is mainly EMC but the concepts are all the same.) We obviously needed to run multiple filegroups to split this large database across multiple RAID groups for best performance. Configuring SANs can be as much of an art as a science, so I’d certainly suggest a test environment to see what works best with your particular configuration. If you’re not seeing a lot of blocking and your indexes are good, and the database is not over a couple hundred Gb I don’t see a problem with a single filegroup. If your SAN allows, create multiple 8 drive RAID10 arrays and then build a SAN based Meta or Hypervolume from these RAID groups. This basically creates a RAID array of RAID arrays and presents a single LUN to the OS which can be built into a mount point or drive letter depending on your preferences. Good luck!
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