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Best Practices running multiple SQL2000 instances

I need advise. Where can I find more info regarding the above-mentioned. I have read Microsoft’s article: "Microsoft SQL server 2000 Scalability Project – Server Consolidation", regarding running multiple instances on a single server. They do not however indicate what "best practices" to use when deciding how many instances to run on one server. Do you take into consideration the total amount of memory on the box? We have a x440 box, with 10gb ram, 16 processors (8 physical and 8 virtual), on a SAN, with 300gb space. Do I for example go in this case go with 5 instances (10gb / 5 = 2gb memory each), or are there other factors to consider?
I don’t see any issue in managaing multiple instances on this h/w, provided the application is designed for better optimisation. Few articles about Best practices analyzer and security/admin :…1f-d3ca-44ee-893e-9e07339c1f22&displaylang=en HTH Satya SKJ
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There isn’t a lot out there on multiple instances anywhere. What you are really trying to do is maximize your disk/cpu/memory utilization without saturating or getting a bottleneck in any given point. Because of this, you need to be able to move applications off one instance to another if needed. Other then that, you will try to run things close to max capacity during peak times. It’s a continual performance monitoring and planning science if you want to run this configuration. MeanOldDBA
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