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best setting for 32 GB RAM

I have set up SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition on a Windows 2003 (32 Bit) Enterprise Edition server. There is 32 GB of RAM and 8 Xeon 2.8 GHz cpu’s. Our server is used for Data Warehousing purpose and what is the best configuration for me to fully utilize the hardware? Thanks.

for more than 16GB, you cannot use 3GB, so just boot with /PAE
for 8 physical procs, i would disable HT i would configure 4 dual channel U320 RAID controlllers for a total of 8 SCSI channels
internal + 4+ racks of 14 external disks, 56+ external disks verify that your table scans can drive 700MB/sec to disk (>1GB for SQL 2005)
random IOPS for high row count loop joins and bookmark lookups should be 10-20K IOPS
Upgrade to Win x64 with SQL 2005 x64 to give you the best native memory access.