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best way to drag + drop columns in EM diagram

I have to normalise a few tables.
I’m using sql2k and I was hoping that I’d simply be able to:
1) create a new, blank table
2) drag and drop the columns from the other table. Obviously, this doesn’t work.Is it possible to be able to do something similar without having to manually re-create the columns in the designer, from scratch?I’m sure sql must have some thricks that I’m not yet aware of..Is this the case? cheers,
yogi [:I]
Better not to use Enterprise Manager for such functions, using SQL statements in Query analzyer ideal. Certain drag and drop functions are not available on EM. SO better of refer to books online for referred statements and continue to work on QA. Satya SKJ
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hi Satya,
I have looked in BOL and online, and I can’t find any info on ‘referred statements’… At the moment, I am in QA, and I have access to the ‘CREATE’ scripts etc for the tables.Is this what you meant, should I be amending these scripts so that they create the normalised tables that I require? …sorry if I’ve missed the obvious ta,
You can create a script with actual tables and then modify script to make any changes you want, then you can use same script to create new table.
I’m missing something? Luis Martin
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hi Luis, No, I think that’s what I should probably do.
I thought that maybe ‘referred statements’ had the key to something that I didn’t previously know about. thanks folks,