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I’m getting a lot of locking errors while running my VB apps. My users often call the same stored procedures during calculations. This is when the locking errors occur. Especially when someone is doing a batch calculation and someone else is trying to use the SP. I’ve heard all the bad stories about cursors, but I use cursors extensively. I’ve tried all kinds of things from researching such as rowlock, nolock, trapping error messages, etc.. I want to try Bound Connections, but I don’t have a clue how to implement them. Online Help isn’t much help in explaining things. I need to know the how, where, when of using a bound connection with my stored procedures. Thanks for any help.
SQL BOL Says :- Bound connections allow two or more connections to share the same transaction and locks. Bound connections can work on the same data without lock conflicts. Bound connections can be created from multiple connections within the same application, or from multiple applications with separate connections. Bound connections make coordinating actions across multiple connections easier.
Read more from below link: – Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
I would suggest same as Deepak, you can use Books online as well for "Using Bound Connections" and also consider the help on sp_getbindtoken and sp_bindsession and if you have any questions post back. Satya SKJ
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