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Calculate the current load of an SQL Server

Hi there! Is there a way to calculate the current load of an SQL Server from within a query? Cheers,
You can take of DMV (Dynamic Management Views) in SQL 2005 and books online is best resource for you. Satya SKJ
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As Satya mentioned you use DMVs but what kind of load you talking about? Mohammed U.
This ia about a tool that allows the customer to build queries of arbitrary complexity. DBA is worried that the queries will become so complex that they will lock down the SQL Server. So I figured I need a) a way to determine a measure for the query’s complexity and b) a measure of the SQL Server’s current work load. Combined, the two results could lead to a decision whether to fire or to dump the query. All this has to be integrated into the tool, of course, so it has to happen implicitly. -Ingmar
try looking at the execution plan and total estimated,
while not perfect by a long shot,
you may as start with what SQL already gives you see the MS paper on this,