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Calculated members and Cube dimensions (SSAS 2005)

While browsing the cube in the cube browser in SSAS 2005, I am using two dimensions, and a measure. Countries is my column dimension and Items as row dimension like X1, X2, X3, X4 & X5 are parent members (items) wid X1 having A, B, C as chid member and X2 with D, E, F and so forth which is dill down in a parent-child heirarchy. I need to add a named calculation (or calculated member) which calculates X1 = A/B and X2 = D/F and so on so forth……prsently I am creating 5 diff. calcuated member for the 5 items, and when drag and drop these 5 calc. members in the cube in the ‘drop totals or detail fields here’ i am getting these 5 calc. members in different colums for each country….but I only want one calc. member column to be created in which we can have place the respective values of X1, X2, …….
The next part is that I need to create one more column named ‘Item Description’ whic can show the description of each Items X1, X2 respectively, but if i create a dimension of item descrip. and drag and drop in the row field….it messes up the whole format of report.
Can anyone plz read my Question description and plz post the solution.

Instead of using cube browser, create MDX in SSMS based on dimension, measures and then you can control calculated members and presentation on the fly.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion/reply, actually I have already figured this problem out.
Thanks again.

Hi MSminth, Can you tell me the solution I am facing the same problem

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