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Can I add another database to this server?

I have several MS SQL servers that and was looking to do a little consolidation.
Is there a formula or policy to determine if an existing SQL Server can handle an additional database? Sure I could move the databases and then see what happens, but that probably isn’t the best practice. Thanks,
Find out the size of the database that you would want to move on to this target server. If the target server has sufficient space to handle this database you will be able to move this database on to this server.
Also you need to check the memory capacities as well,
check memory, amount SQL Server uses in BOL for more details

You should check "number of transaction per second" and hardware resouce consumption for the database on existing server.. further check for Memory, CPU, and Disk IO utilization on target server. if these three factors allow you to add more overload then go ahead for movement. As Dinesh recommanded also check for number of users, disk space and report requirments from database, DTS, Bulk insert, Backup policy, Collation settings, 24*7 avilability etc. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
As what I am thinking you can’t finalize until and unless you know your pick hours transaction per second and recovery model ? Thanks. Noor
MCDBA will give some insight. hth Satya SKJ
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