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Can I ask a newbie question

Hello, I start to use today SQL Server. I made my first database with comands. Create Database …. ( etc. etc. etc. ) I need to things : – A good online text for newbies on Sql. – After i made a Database , i think i have to made my table. Its correct ? Anyone can give me a help ? a good example etc. etc. etc. Thanks
Nelson de Almeida Gomes Thanks
Nelson de Almeida Gomes
The best help for newbies and experts alike is Books Online (BOL) that comes with your SQL Server installation. You can find the syntax for ‘Create table’ in this BOL.
Also, play around with the sample databases ‘Pubs’ and ‘Northwind’ that comes along with your SQL server installation. Studying the structure of these sample databases gives you a good idea about how should you build your own database.
Nelson: 1) You can find a lot information in main section (Books, Article, etc.)
2) After Database you can create a tables. In your case, Enterprise Manager is good tool.
You can design your tables and index, etc.
3) On line book is available with your SQL Server. I suggest you, read documentation first like 1) or 3) Do not worry about any question you have, all of us begin like you. Regards, Luis Martin
Can you send me some example : Fast !
I am ask so much ? Thanks
Nelson de Almeida Gomes
Use Query Analizer: Write the following: USE yourdatabase CREATE TABLE TEST (
[CODITM] [char] 18 NULL,
[CODEMP] [smallint] NULL,
Now you have one table with diferents data type. The above is easy or not to you? Luis Martin

Thanks, Whats the go do ?? why it is necessary on sql ? Thanks
Nelson Gomes Thanks
Nelson de Almeida Gomes
Hi Nelson, from BOL: ‘Signals the end of a batch of Transact-SQL statements to the Microsoft® SQL Serverâ„¢ utilities’ May I recommend BOL as THE premier source of information. Cheers,
True, also refer to this for tutorials which will lend you information required. _________
Satya SKJ

Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in 21 Days (Book & CD-ROM) at…resql-20/102-8810489-9989706?v=glance&s=books is a great book for beginners. Gaurav
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