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Can I program subscriptions into report

I have 17 reports that I converted from Crystal using VS 2005. The reports work fine and now I am getting to the delivery phase. Each of the 17 reports call on one parameter (Publication_Code). There are 27 of these pub codes to choose from though. I can setup each report with a seperate subscription for each pub code, 17(reports)*27(pubs) = 459 seperate subscriptions. YIKES!!! What would be the best way to go about this? 1.Create 459 seperate subscriptions? (Least desirable option in case of schedule changes which might happen frequently)
2.Create a Data-Driven Subscription for each report? (Although this option doesn’t seem like it would support what I’m trying to do, I thought I’d put it in here to see if anyone can confirm it)
3.Somehow build a loop directly into the report to use all the publication_codes and create an output file for each? The third option, if possible, would work best for us.
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OK, I’ve got the data-driven subscription done for 1 of the reports.
I have it setup as a file share delivery. All of the reports will be delivered to the same path so here’s my latest dilemma:
How can I set the filename to be distinctive?
EX. I have a report called BBSC036A which uses a paramter called PUB_CDE, which contains 27 rows: ACC, JC, JD, JE, JG etc…
I would like the data-driven subscription to have the output file have both the report name (BBSC036A) and the PUB_CDE. IE: ACC_BBSC036A, JC_BBSC036A, JD_BBSC036A etc…
Is this possible?