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Can i script DTS packeges somehow?

Can i script all existing DTS packages?
Will restoration of msdb restore all dts packages?

I don’t think there is any tool to script the DTS packages.
ONly you can save them to a file or repository etc. Yes MSDB restore will take care of all the jobs including DTS. _________
Satya SKJ

Actually there is such a tool I’ve never tried it but you can find it here Bambola.
Great link Bambola! That’s very useful. Gaurav
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I read the article
It’s sound nice but i don’t think i will install something additional on sql server. I probably will restore all using msdb restoration.
But.. half of my local DTS is saved to SQL Server and an other half to Meta Data Services
My question is if i save it to meta data will it still be restored with msdb?
I looked in sysdtspackages table: the names are all in it.
Thanks for the link Bambola and as specified its available/will work from SQL 2K version. The best option is to choose MSDB restoration, where I never had any issues.
Satya SKJ