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Can I use SQL Server

I’m about to start writing an application that will be sold to certain public organizations. I can’t imagine each company needing more than 3 or 4 computers to have the program installed on. What are my options? Is Access better to use than SQL Server as a backend for something like this? Is it expensive and harder to deal with SQL Server when you’re pushing out a product like this? I manage a large SQL Server database currently, but I’ve never dealt with building something relatively small that will be sold. I would of course rather use sql server if it is just a matter of preference, but I want to do what is right for the project. Thanks,
What kind of load are these clients going to put on the database? I think you need to consider that as well. If it’s a significant amount, than go with SQL Server. Also, are you going to need to use any features that aren’t available in Access?
I personally would use SQL Server (even for small projects like this) because I can’t stand Access.
Of course, since you’re selling this application, using SQL Server is going to increase the price you’re going to sell it for, because SQL Server is more expensive to you. So that is something to consider as well.
Chris: The question is: do you need a database?. If yes then use SQL Server, because Access is not a database.
If proyect is small, may be you can use MSDE. Luis Martin
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yeah, i’d love to use sql server, but I think we’re trying to keep the cost of the product down. What about MySQL, I’ve been reading some stuff about that. I don’t think that the size of the database will get very big. I’d say it would max out at a couple of hundred thousand rows. Also, one of the programs currently exists in this industry is access backend and ours may need to talk to theirs. It may be easier to do that….not sure. Thanks
If you’re more familiar with SQL Server, then MSDE might be a good way to go, since that is free also. If you need to interoperate with access, you could can still import/export data between any access database and MSDE using MSDE itself.