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CAN opening sql server log make a deadlock

or kill the server?
the sql log is very big
thank you
What do you mean exactly by "opening the sql server log"? How are you opening it, and why? If you sql log is very large, you can manually truncate it, or backup it up, to truncate it. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Thank you i will open log file for windows explorer only
Do you mean the error log? If so then it shouldn’t affect SQL Server, but may affect Enterprise Manager… You should periodically recycle the error log. We have set up weekly jobs to do this automatically each Sunday sp_cycle_errorlog is the command to use Cheers
There is no instance that when you open the sql error log (huge) from EM that would create a deadlock. As suggested try to recycle the log on weekly basis. _________
Satya SKJ