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Can we have transactional replication on SSRS DBs

Guys, I have simple question, Can we create a tranactional (or any sort of) replication on SSRS databases. i.e. ReportServer, ReportServerTempDB. ReportServerTempDB is a temporary database like tempdb? Ehsan
I dont see why not. Perhaps someome can correct me if I am wrong. ***********************
Dinakar Nethi
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I had created transactional replication, but it was messging the configuration on the target server. Then I had restored ReportServer from the old backup and it was just fine. Ehsan
I don’t think create replication on report server databses specially ReportServerTempDB database…. From BOL… Renaming a report server database is not supported because the report server databases are considered internal components. I believe it replication will not work on thsese dbs…
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Why do you want to create replication for these database, do you have any specific reason?
BOL specifies:
Reporting Services deployment uses two SQL Server relational databases for internal storage. By default, the databases are named ReportServer and ReportServerTempdb. ReportServerTempdb is created with the primary report server database and is used to store temporary data, session information, and cached reports
Satya SKJ
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Satya, I am using SQL server 2005. I am using Visual Studio Team Foundation server for .rdl deployment. We want to replicate the .rdls files and connections from one server to the other. Instead of manually deploye these reports and connections, we thought about replication. I tried transactional replication and then figured out that ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB is kind of other system databases (Master, Model, MSDB, TempDB) in nature. Please tell me is there any way that my .rdls (report files) and connections for SSRS can be replicated to my 2nd server from server no. 1? Thanks, Ehsan