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Can we put tran.log files over a network drive.

Hi friends,
Can we put transaction logfiles, datafiles across a network drive. I mean on a different hard disk on another machine?
Thanks in advance,
Hi Claudia, There is no way to put logfiles or datafiles in other network drive.
Same thing with backup files.
Luis Martin
You can use a trace flag on start up of SQL Server (1807) this will allow you to place files on network drives. BUT Microsoft do not support this type of set up. So if you are hoping to put the files onto a NAS device then you’d have to get the hardware vendor to support your installation. In general it is not a good idea to do this… Placing backup files on a network drive relies on the SQL/SQLAgent service running under a domain user account with sufficient privileges on the destination drive/directory Cheers
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Luis Martin
I hhad a similar situation wherein I wanted to store the transaction log backups on different machine so that in the even crash of hard disk of main server, I should be able to restore the data. I created a job which first generated transaction log backup and then copied the same to network drive. HTH. Gaurav
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