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Cannot delete old backups

Hi, one of my job(takes backup+delete old backups) fails with following report in Maintanance plan error log .It was workin fine till yesterday . When i tried to delete manaually, its giving eror "file is use" .Any one have any idea, will there any chance ,any appli or anythin that keep holding my old Backupfile.
[8] Database ISSED: Delete Old Backup Files…
Unable to delete file g:MSSQLMSSQLBACKUPISSEDISSED_db_200508070202.BAK.
0 file(s) deleted. This is what maintanance error log reports after running the job .
Do you have any virus scanner on SQL server or any other tool to copy these files to tape or a storage media? Satya SKJ
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No nothing as such . Last week i had same problem, but i could delete it manually .