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Cannot determine port dynamically in ODBC

I’m trying to create an ODBC System DSN to connect to a remote SQL Server 2005 default instance (MSSQLSERVER). Information for the remote SQL Server 2005:
1. SQL Browser service running under LocalSystem
2. Windows Firewall is disabled
3. Shared Memory, Named Pipes, and TCP/IP are enabled.
4. TCP/IP’s Listen All is set to Yes and IPAll is using dynamic port which is 1905. The problem I have is that the ODBC System DSN won’t able to connect to the remote SQL Server 2005 if I check Dynamically determine port but able to connect if I specify the port number 1905. If I issue telnet 1905, I will the blank command window titled Telnet so I guess this mean the port is accessible.
Have you enabled the option in Surface configuration to allow for remote connections?
I have traced the problem due to the alias created by the ODBC administrator. If an alias is created when dynamically determine port is checked, it will not have a port number.