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Cannot general SSPI context

Hi Everyone! I have one SQLserver that cannot be registered using trusted connection (Windows AD) on SQL Enterprise Manager – server registration. The message I get when it fail to register is
– AHLCLS133 – Cannot general SSPI context Where AHLCLS133 is the SQL server name. All other SQL servers that we have, can be registered just fine using trusted connection. However, when I register this server using SQL login like sa login or other SQL login that has been added to this server, it works just fine. I will appreciate very much for any ideas or comment from our forum , as what cause it and possible solution. Paulus
Your error is not clear but I think you are having problems registering your SPN? It’s probably something to do with the perimssions of the account that the SQL Server is using. Are you using a domain or local account for teh service? Local accounts will not be able to register the SPN in the domain. Domain accounts either have to have domain admin access or account access (can’t remember the exact name). If you can’t assign the permissions for security reasons look at a tool called SETSPN from MS. Make sure you use the latest version (download it from MS). This will still generate the error when you start sql, however linked servers using NT Auth will work correctly.
Luis Martin
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Simon, Luis, I appreciate very much for the feedback. Yes, that SQL server is using local account & not the domain account for the MSSQL service. Let me try both of your feedback. Paulus