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Cannot generate SSPI context

I have SQL2KSP3 installed on W2KSP3. This is a box that has ran fine for months.. I went ahead and jumped on Microsoft Update to d/l the latest security patches, etc and not I get "Cannot Generate SSPI context" when connecting from remote. I can connect locally just fine. I haven’t seen any refernces to fixes regarding this on MS Tech Net.. the only suggestion they have is to install W2KSP1. Any ideas? Eric Smith
Do a search on on the error and you find quite a few people having this problem. One example: Seems to have to do with SQL Server not being correctly registered with the Active Directory. Some options I saw: – Under server properties in EM check "Add this instance to active directory"
– Remove the server from the domain and rejoin again.
– On the client side, connect with the network library "named pipes" instead of "tcp/ip". /Argyle

Thansk for the reply Argyle.. I’ve used Google for awhile, but didn’t find that when searcing for this topic. – Adding Server to AD. In general, I’ve never done this.. Never researched the pros/cons/etc of what that does. I never found a reason to do it.. I guess may be I have now? lol – Remove server from domain and rejoin. doh! Why didn’t I think of that. – named pipes instead of tcp/ip.. well, that’s only a work around of course….
Again, thanks for your reply! I didn’t get much of a response out on nntp://microsoft.public.sqlserver.server