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Cannot Generate SSPI Context – VMWare

Our data center was recently moved. The development servers were moved to a virtualized environment using Ghost to copy the server from the old location to the new location. Ever since the migration our virtualized development and test servers have been generating the error "Cannot generate SSPI context" when we try to connect using NT Authentication. When I switch the client to Named Pipes instead of TCPIP, as specified by a Microsoft workaround, the NT authentication works without problem. Only the default instances are failing. The named instances on these virtualized servers work as expected. Could this problem be related to VMWare or Ghost? The consulting company who performed the migration said they verified the SPN does exist. Any suggestions. Thanks, Dave
Hi Dave,
check the link:…88&View=en-us&qu=Cannot generate SSPI context
and you will find many MS articles to fix your problem.
We’ve already checked the articles on Microsoft’s site and none have resolved the problem. We could find no article addressing VMWare and how a default instance would have the problem, but the named instances would not. Dave
Have you checked with VMWARE and see any issue with incompatibility of drivers. Satya SKJ
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