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Cannot open user dafault db HELP!!!

We are doing a very time critical restore. We are restoring to 2 weeks ago and I was going to synch up the last two weeks with the data that we restored to another server the other day. In preparing to synch up the data, I detached one of the databases in question and copied the files to another drive…just to have a backup copy. During the copy, I was working on getting the server linked to the other server with no success. One thing that I tried was adding a login on both servers that had owner rights on all db’s. That didn’t work, so I deleted the login on both servers. Since I couldn’t get that to work, I created a new db and I was just going to copy the tables from the other server over to compare them and synch up the data. when the copy of the database that I detached finished, I couldn’t log into enterprise manager anymore. It said "cannot open user default database. login failed. any clue?
please help!!
Log in as an administrator and change the default database for that your user account using sp_defaultdb. The syntax is in Books Online. If the account in question is having this issue, you can run the account from osql, which does not validate a users’ default database. MeanOldDBA
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