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Can’t Delete Log File

On one of my servers, I have a log file named "SQL.Log" on the root of the C: drive. SQL Server 2000 is installed on E: first of all. I don’t even know if this is related to SQL server, but I have tried everything to delete this file. I stopped services, I used the kill command, I just don’t know what is adding data to this file constantly to give me an access violation, file is in use error message when trying to delet. The file size is over 3.5 GB now and has taken up all space on the C: drive. Does anyone possibly recognize this filename, as SQL server or other application? Can anyone give me other options or things I can test to delete this? If you don’t know what process is writing to or holding onto this file, how can you delete? Thanks.
I think it’s created by ODBC tracing, if I remember correctly. You need to track down where it is running. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Thomas, You just beat me to it. I did find that this is the ODBC tracing log file, however I checked all the servers I am using and responsible for and none of them have tracing started. Is it likely that another server is tracing it’s ODBC data to my server’s C: drive? It doesn’t seem likely to me, but the log is coming from somewhere. At this point, the log is so big, I can’t even open it up. Any thoughts on how I can find out where this is coming from?
Case closed. Thanks Thomas. For those that want to know how I solved this here it is: THe ODBC trace was not started, however in the Browse box, the C:/SQL.Log file path was indicated. I deleted this text, so the box is blank, but it still would not delete the file. As a last ditch effort, I then rebooted the server and when it came back up, it wasn’t hanging onto the file and I was able to delete. Very strange…..