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Can’t delete logshipped db

I am using SQL 2K5 standard sp2. I am testing the logshipping between server A and B and make the logshipped db in server B as a standby. It is working. I disable the logshipping from server A and like to redo the setup one more time to get a good handle on all the steps. After the disable of log shipping of the db, all related jobs are removed, which is expected. On the server B, the logshipped database status is changed to ‘restoring’. I tried to delete that database, restore on top of it and both time it said, dataase is in use. I check the actvitiy monitor and the db is not in use. Logshipping is not working because the db status is in use but I can’t see why it is. Any help is very much appreciated. wingman Satya SKJ
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