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Can’t see sql2000 server

Hi I have a Server2003 with SQL2000 with a domain name all local user log into that. Now we have a spare server. I install server2003 with sql2000 and create a trust. however I can’t seem to be able to register this new sql2000 server with my local computer I log on with the first server using enterprise manager. I can ping the ip the new sql2000 server and name using dos prompt but the registration say the server doesn’t exist Thanks in advance May the best cheaters win
Are you sure, you applied service pack on SQL server after installation. Try to telnet this server on sql port. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
Yes I did the thing is I can register the new sql2000 server with the first server but not with my local machine which is on the network and log on the first server domain. May the best cheaters win
Thank you I got it I had to add an instant of it to the Active Directory otherwise no one can see it even if it is open lol kinda weird May the best cheaters win