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Certificate authentication in mirroring

Hi I am using certificate authentication for the DB mirroring security because our two servers( no witness server) are in workgrouop and using local account(same on both) to start the SQL services. I have 5 databases to set up for mirroring. After following the BOL instruction, the first database is mirroring successfully. when I try to set up the second one, it won’t work. Here is my thinking. 1) Since endpoints and certifcate setup are server-wide, and SQL login and user name are tied to the master db, I should only need to set all these up one time no matter how many databases I need to mirror. Am I right? 2) If the above is right, the only command I need to use to set up the second database for mirroring is listed as follows in order. 2.1 on the mirror server, issue
alter database db1 set partner = ‘tcp://serverB:5024’
2.2 on the principal server, issue
alter database db1 set partner = ‘tcp://serverA:5024’ Is it correct? Right now, the command on 2.1 is working but 2.2 gives me an error saying that db1 in serverA is not set up for mirroring. I am missing something but not sure what. Any input is very much appreciate. wingman
Can you explain a bit more on what error you are getting when trying to setup the second one.
Try to restart the SQL services in this case to take affect of the service account settings and I presume the servers are able to see each other or ping each other. Satya SKJ
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