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Change hardware on SQL-server 2000

I have a SQL-server 2000 with 5 instances and about 100 databases and 100-200 users. We use it to test and development of software.
I have no control of all password ands logins, but now it is time to replace the hardware.
Is it possible to export all logins and all passwords to a script-file and also make a script for detach and attach all dbs ? So I dont need to do i manual. Mayby someone have this script all ready done ? Best Regards, Magnus.
check out Q246133 :HOW TO: Transfer Logins and Passwords Between Instances of SQL Server
Ref the below links for how to generate script for logins with passwords;EN-US;246133 Thanks. Rushendra
For attach/detach process follow Books online example and above specified KBAs too. _________
Satya SKJ