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change index from clustered to nonclustered

can someone reply with the proper syntax in t-sql to change a clustered index to a nonclustered. i’ve tried the following command but returns an error.<br /><br />create nonclustered index &lt;index_name&gt; on &lt;table_name&gt;(&lt;column_name&gt<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;)‘ /> with (drop_existing=on)<br /><br />the index name i am using in the above command is the same as the existing one of course.
if you want to use the same name, its better to drop the existing clustered index first.
drop index <table>.<indexname>
Dinakar Nethi
SQL Server MVP
I don’t think you can covert the clustered index to non-clustered index using DROP_EXISTING option… You need to drop and recreate the index…
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that is what i was i thought. thanks!