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Changing Processor Count

How do you change the processor count for an existing SQL Server installation. Initial installation was for four processors but we have upgraded the configuration to eight. I know this should be a simple thing but I can’t seem to find it in the documentation. I should make this clear that I am looking to change the license count as this is a per processor installation. Thanks in advance for the help. David
If you have not changed any default settings, SQL Server will automatically use all 8 CPUs. To check how your server is configures, in Enterprise Manager, right-click on the server’s name and choose Properties. From here, select the Processor tab, and then check to see if "Use all available processors" has been selected. If so, then you are already using all of your CPUs. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Brad – I am using all the processors. I had to edit my post as I realized I didn’t communicate that I was looking to change the license count as this is a per-processor installation. Thanks. David
There should be something in the control panel like licencing service. You can add licences for SQL Server in there. If this is not the case, I guess u’ll have to run the setup of SQL Server. Gaurav
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You have to have Windows Advanced Server too, to be able to see all 8 processors, not standard edition, and SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition. Have you already got these? Tom Pullen
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Gaurav – Thanks! I knew that it was going to be something simple but I couldn’t find it. Thanks. David