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Changing SQL Server Host Name

Will changing the SQL Server Host Name affect the application that acceses it? How can it be overcome? Thanks,
Yes, if the hostname is changed then you must drop and add the servername inorder to affect on SQL server side and similarly the application must use the new server name in order to connect to the database. Satya SKJ
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to drop and add the server, connect in Query Analyser and run sp_dropserver ‘OLDSERVER’ then sp_addserver ‘NEWSERVER’, local Tom Pullen
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Also, be sure to update the sysjobs table so you don’t get an error when you try editing jobs. UPDATE sysjobs
SET originating_server = ‘NEWSERVER’
WHERE originating_server = ‘OLDSERVER’ MeanOldDBA
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yep good point from Derrick, I’ve come unstuck on that very issue before myself. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB