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chinese full text index

I used SQL server 2000 to create a full-text index on a column which has
Chinese Unicode characters. However, when I did the query, the system
always complain about that the Chinese characters I want to search are
ignored words.
My question is:
1 What would I do other action?
2 How can I do the query? Thanks for any suggestion or ideas with this.
Thanks and Best Regard,
What is the default collation setup & default full-text language Option setup? _________
Satya SKJ

The reason is from the full text index language.
So, I run this script : EXEC sp_fulltext_column filelistTest, keyword, ‘drop’
EXEC sp_fulltext_column filelistTest, keyword, ‘add’, 0x0804 –0x409 English 0x0804 Chinese
EXEC sp_fulltext_table ‘filelistTest’, ‘start_full’ Now it is working. Thanks and Best Regard,