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Choosing client network lib

Is there a way to manipulate the client network lib selection programatically?
Maybe via the registry or some config file changes that I can incorporate into everyones logon script? I want to ensure new users and machines use tcpip in favour of named pipes whenever possible. Obviously you cant specify an order of preference as it must be decided by the client. Thanks Paul

Yes via the registry. I recently found this article when looking for this: How To Change SQL Server Default Network Library Without Using Client Network Utility Edit:
With MDAC 2.6 and up I think TCP/IP DBMSSOCN changed to DBNETLIB but I’m not sure about this. It could be that DBNETLIB is a general name for the library now. Hmm. Now looking closer that might just be on servers with SQL installed. A clean Windows 2003 server doesn’t have that key.
Not sure how it works over ADO, but on a connect string for ODBC (or DAO in Access) you can set the appropriate library to force this client-side.
Hi ya, the same can be done in ADO just specify the desired library in the connection string, but this means that the connection fails if the client is not able to use that particular library (although I guess you could programtically pick that up and connect using the next choice of library…?) Cheers
Thanks guys. Id rather not change application code as there would be dozens of inhouse apps affected.
Argyle, your link is what I was hoping for, Cheers! Paul